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  Amber & Larimar mountains!
  Amber & Larimar mountains!
  Amber & Larimar mountains!
Dominican Amber
A study in the early 1990s returned a date up to 40 million years old. However according to Poinar, Dominican amber dates from Oligocene to Miocene, thus about 25 million years old. The oldest, and hardest of this amber comes from the mountain region north of Santiago.
Dominican Amber
Mexican Amber
The total production of this amber is probably only a few hundred kilos a month. So there is only a limited amount on the market. From the latest research it appears that is from the late Oligocene some 24-30 Million years ago. This amber is natural (not treated like most baltic amber)..
Mexican Amber
Dominican Larimar
Few people have ever seen Larimar - Its rarity ensures that it remains one of natures' best kept secrets. Larimar comes from a remote mountain in the Caribbean islands; from a single square kilometer of the Dominican Republic to be exact.
Dominican Larimar
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